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2.3.2 Nonmatriculated Graduate Students: Implementation

Last updated on:
Friday, August 23, 2019

Individuals who are interested in applying for nonmatriculated enrollment in courses or in non-degree-granting programs, e.g., the Knight or Stegner programs, should contact the specific department or program directly to determine appropriate procedures and deadlines.

1. Nonmatriculated Study Involving Course Registration

1. Contacts the Graduate Admissions Office to request an application for graduate nonmatriculated enrollment (note that this is a paper application, not available online).  Applicant

Confirm eligibility requirements including: 

  • Department or program permitting nonmatriculated enrollment; 
  • GRE scores (if required by program); 
  • TOEFL scores (if the applicant is a non-native English speaker).
Advises the applicant if admissions requirements are not met.
Graduate Admissions
3. If eligibility requirements are met, forwards the application to the appropriate department or program.    Graduate Admissions
4. Makes a decision to accept or deny application, and informs the Graduate Admissions Office.    Department
5. Informs the nonmatriculated student applicant of the decision. For admitted nonmatriculated international students, processes Visa paperwork and forwards request to Bechtel International Center.  Graduate Admissions
6. Reviews student’s financial documentation and issues visa certification for international students.  Bechtel
7. Student enrolls in courses using a form provided by Graduate Admissions with the student's letter of admission.  Note that enrollment is done in person, and not in Axess. Student


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2. Visiting Student Researchers

1. Consults with department chair about feasibility and policy related to sponsoring a VSR. Faculty member

Prepares and sends to Graduate Admissions, Office of the University Registrar, a letter of invitation including: 

  • exact dates of start and finish (the Registrar's Office MUST be notified if the dates of attendance change)
  • the monthly fees, cost of health insurance, and Campus Health Services Fee
  • signatures of BOTH the sponsoring faculty member and department chair
  • signature of the VSR accepting the terms set forth in the letter.
A sample template for this letter is available on the  Registrar’s web site.

Faculty member



Receives from the applicant and forwards to the Graduate Admissions Office the following:

  • A completed Bio-Demographic form available from the Registrar’s Office web site
  • Transcripts of current graduate work
  • Undergraduate transcripts with degree conferral posted or a copy of a degree certification or diploma.

For international applicants, receives from the applicant and forwards to the Graduate Admissions Office:

  • Copy of the passport 
  • If Visiting Researcher is requesting J-2 visas for dependent: copy of the dependent passport, date of birth, place of birth.

Upon verification of the documentation and approval, activates the student’s record in PeopleSoft SA and provides the Empl ID # to the department.

Graduate Admissions
6. Coordinates necessary visa certification requests with the Bechtel Center, see GAP 2.2, Requirements for New International Students. Department
7. If appropriate, Aid-Year Activate the Visiting Student Researcher and enter financial support in GFS (see Visiting Student Researchers in GFS).  Department


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