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3.1.2 Registration, Enrollment, and Academic Progress: Implementation

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Tuesday, August 17, 2021

Students are responsible for enrolling themselves for the appropriate number of units each term. Students submit their quarterly study lists in Axess.

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3.1.1 Registration, Enrollment, and Academic Progress: Policy

1. Quarterly Registration

1. Take the necessary steps to clear any holds on registration (holds are viewed in Axess). Student
2. Meet with and advise each student as to degree program requirements, academic progress and enrollment. Advisor/ Degree Program
3. Prior to the start of the quarter, petition degree program if planning to enroll in fewer than 8 units during the academic year.   Student
4. Send an email reminder to all students before the quarterly deadlines, with a copy of this communication to the student’s degree program.  Registrar
5. Submit a study list in Axess before the Preliminary Study List deadline. (Note: Student will be charged a late study list fee for filing a study list after the Preliminary Study List deadline.) Student
6. Regularly run reports to monitor students’ timely admission to candidacy, expiring candidacy, and other academic milestones.  Degree Program 


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2. Academic Progress

1. Assume responsibility for knowing and understanding degree requirements (e.g., read appropriate degree program correspondence and publications). Student
2. Develop and discuss the plan for accomplishing requirements in a timely manner.  Student, Advisor, Degree Program
3. Monitor student grades and academic progress. 
(Use “Graduate Minimum Progress Report” in PeopleSoft:
Manage Student Records>Manage Academic Records, and select Report> Grad Stud Min Prog Audit> Grad Stdt.)
Degree Program
4.  Regularly run reports to monitor students’ timely admission to candidacy, and to monitor expiring candidacy and master’s eligibility (see description related to each degree, Section 4 of this handbook).  Where appropriate, place an Academic Enrollment hold on the student’s registration (see GAP 5.5  Enrollment Holds).  Degree Program


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3. Summer Quarter Enrollment

1. Document requirements for summer enrollment, if any.  Degree Program
2. Advise degree program of plans for summer enrollment, on-campus employment (including assistantship appointments), etc.  Student
3. Communicate with students regarding summer enrollment, particularly for impact on financial support or visa requirements. Degree Program
4. In the event an enrolled student wishes to cancel Summer quarter enrollment, submit the Annulment of Summer Registration form to the Registrar after gathering the necessary signatures from the degree program.
Note: Students who are admitted to begin their studies in Summer quarter, i.e., a Summer Term admit, may not cancel summer enrollment. If they do, they will be required to reapply to start in Fall quarter.


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4. Tuition Adjustments

1. To transition to TGR status, prepare the Request for Terminal Graduate Registration Status form, submit to degree program for approval and then to the Registrar’s office at the Student Services Center for review.  Student
2. To request a one-time only tuition reduction during final quarter of degree program, prepare the Graduate Petition for Part-time Enrollment and submit to degree program for approval. Student must then submit form to Registrar’s office at the Student Services Center for review.  Student


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