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4.1.2 Master's Degrees: Implementation

Last updated on:
Tuesday, September 6, 2016

1. Master's Program Proposal

1. Submits the Program Proposal for a Master's Degree to the department prior to the end of the first quarter of enrollment in the program. Student
2. In reviewing the program proposal or any subsequent amendment to it, confirms that the course of study proposed by the student meets all university and department requirements. The studnt’s advisor and the department or area chair approve the proposed program of study. Advisor; Department/Area Chair
3. Approves the Master’s Degree Program Proposal for the student and records in PeopleSoft Student Administration receipt of the proposal, any applicable department area and/or field, and any requirements for language proficiency exams.  Department
4.  Monitors for timely receipt of proposals. Once the proposal has been submitted and approved, updates the appropriate milestone in PeopleSoft Student Administration.   Department
5. Places a hold on the student’s record for failure to submit the Master’s Degree Program Proposal and releases the hold when the form is approved (see GAP 5.5, Enrollment Holds).


6.  During the quarter immediately preceding conferral of the master’s degree, after filing his or her final study list, revises the program of study if the actual course of study has differed at all from what was specified on the Master’s Degree Program Proposal. Such changes must be approved by the department, under the same rules as for approval of the initial proposal, before the student can be cleared for degree conferral.  Student
7. When clearing students for degree conferral, uses the university or departmental Program Proposal and Academic Program Revision form, if any, to confirm that the student has met all degree requirements. The Registrar will not permit conferral of the student’s degree unless the department certifies completion of all requirements and PeopleSoft shows that receipt of a Master’s Degree Program Proposal has been recorded.  Department


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2. Time Limit for Completion of the Master's Degree

1. Records the three-year limit for a master’s degree in PeopleSoft when the student is matriculated. If an Honors Cooperative Program, M.L.A. student or coterminal student needs a longer period, extends the program in PeopleSoft.  Department
2. Monitors the approaching expiration of master’s programs. If expiration is approaching and the student has neither filed an Application to Graduate nor an Application for Extension of Master’s Program, notifies the student and places the appropriate hold on the student’s registration in PeopleSoft. Once an extension has been granted or degree conferral before the program’s expiration is planned, releases the hold.  Department
3. If more time is needed, files an Application for Extension of Master’s Program prior to the conclusion of the original three-year limit, requesting up to one additional year. On the application, explains why the degree cannot be completed within the authorized period.  Student
4. Reviews the student’s academic progress and approves or denies the extension request. If an extension is granted, records the new period in PeopleSoft before the originally-authorized period ends.  Department


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