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4.2.2 Coterminal Degrees: Implementation

Last updated on:
Tuesday, September 6, 2016

1. Application and Admissions


Submits to the prospective graduate department or program the following application package via the ApplyWeb system: 

  • Application for Admission to Coterminal Masters’ Program
  • statement of purpose, 
  • preliminary program proposal,
  • two letters of recommendation from Stanford professors, 
  • a current Stanford transcript, 
  • Graduate Record Examination (GRE) scores or other requirements specified by the prospective department.
2.  Optional: submits a completed Coterminal Course Approval Form with the coterminal application package, indicating which courses the student requests for transfer from the undergraduate to graduate career.  Student
3. Creates a PeopleSoft application record for an admitted Coterminal applicant. Posts an admissions decision. (See Processing Coterm Applications) Department
4. When admitted, responds to the offer of admission no later than the quarter prior to the expected completion of their undergraduate degree. Student
5. Obtains and records the student’s response to the offer of admissions. Department
6. Submits the completed and approved Coterm Application to the Office of the Registrar (Degree Progress) by updating the Decision Response field in the Admit system no later than the quarter prior to the expected completion of the undergraduate degree. Department
7. Process completed coterminal applications and coterminal course transfers in PeopleSoft; , notifies the student of successful matriculation. Registrar
8. Student is assessed a $125 application fee. Student Services Center


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2. Tuition Assessment

Graduate tuition assessment is governed by the policies defined in GAP 6.1, Graduate Tuition Categories

1. Establishes the student in either the undergraduate or graduate coterminal student group in PeopleSoft.  Registrar
2. Submits a request to the Student Services Center via a Stanford Services & Support ticket to change from the undergraduate to the graduate coterminal tuition group, if moving prior to bachelor’s degree conferral or the 13th quarter (or 15th quarter if pursuing more than one bachelor’s degree). Student
3. Reviews the student request to move the student to the graduate coterminal tuition group in PeopleSoft; processes if eligible. Registrar


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3. Academic Progress

1. Submit the Master’s Program Proposal during the first quarter after admission to the coterminal program. Student
2. Monitors academic progress of coterminal students who have not completed their undergraduate degree(s). VPUE (UAR) in conjunction with graduate department
3. Monitors academic progress of coterminal students upon completion of the undergraduate degree. Graduate Department
4. Applies separately for each degree to be conferred by university deadlines. The master’s degree may be conferred simultaneously with, or after, the bachelor’s degree.  Student


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