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4.3.2 Engineer Degree: Implementation

Last updated on:
Tuesday, September 6, 2016

1. Candidacy

1. Submits the Application for Candidacy for Degree of Engineer to the major department prior to the end of the second quarter of enrollment in the program (fourth quarter for Honors Cooperative students).  Student
2. Reviews the application for compliance with both department and University requirements for the degree. Enters the candidacy information into PeopleSoft Student Administration. Department
3. Approves changes in courses or other requirements made after the Application for Candidacy is filed (must be by the same offices who approved the original application, typically the advisor and department chair, or designee). Completion of the work specified and subsequent revisions are verified by the department prior to approving TGR status or conferral of the degree. Department, Advisor, Chair


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2. Thesis


Reviews the Directions for Preparing Theses for Engineer Degrees and prepares the thesis according to University standards. 

Students are encouraged to obtain this information before the final preparation of the manuscript in order to avoid costly and time-consuming revisions. Previously-published theses should not be used as a guide for preparation of the manuscript. 

2. Makes appointments for both a thesis format check and for thesis submission. Format checks will not be done in the final week of the submission deadline. To assure a time slot, appointments for format checks and submissions should be made well in advance.  Student
3. Enters any changes in the primary advisor and completion of all relevant milestones in PeopleSoft Student Administration. Department
4. Certifies that he or she has reviewed the final draft of the thesis as submitted to the Office of the Registrar on the Certificate of Final Reading of Thesis (form is included in the Directions for Preparing Theses for Engineer Degrees). Advisor

Submits the thesis and other required documents, including the Certificate of Final Reading of Thesis, on or before the published deadline. Some departments may set earlier deadlines for submission of theses.

Detailed instructions and a Checklist for Submission of Dissertation can be found in the Directions for Preparing Theses for Engineer Degrees

6. Files an application to graduate in Axess before submitting the thesis. The quarterly deadlines for applying to graduate are published in the academic calendar. Student
7. Verifies that the format of a completed thesis follows university directions, that the signature is that of the advisor as entered in PeopleSoft by the department, and that all requirements have been met for degree conferral. Registrar


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