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4.8.2 Doctoral Degrees, Dissertations & Dissertation Reading Committees: Implementation

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1. Doctoral Dissertation Reading Committee

1. Complete and obtain all necessary signatures and approvals on the Doctoral Dissertation Reading Committee form. Faculty members agree to serve on the reading committee by signing this form.  Student
2. Review and either approve or deny the Doctoral Dissertation Reading Committee form and the Petition for Non-Academic Council Doctoral Committee Members (to include a non-Academic Council member of the committee).   Department Chair
3. Indicate the receipt of the Doctoral Dissertation Reading Committee form by listing the names of the principal advisor, co-advisor (if applicable), and dissertation readers in PeopleSoft. Update the reading committee milestone. Two Academic Council members serving as equal co-advisors are both listed as "Doctoral Dissertation Co-Advisors (AC)" both in PeopleSoft and on the dissertation signature page.  Degree Program
4. Make changes, if any, in the composition of the reading committee with the Change of Dissertation Adviser or Reading Committee Member form, requiring the signature of the department chair.  Student and Department Chair
5. Verify that changes in the composition of the reading committee are permitted within policy. Record in PeopleSoft subsequent changes in committee composition. This information is used by the Office of the Registrar to verify the members of the reading committee and their signatures on the completed and submitted dissertation.  Degree Program


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2. Dissertation Preparation and Submission


Prepare the dissertation according to university standards, as described in the following:

Students are encouraged to obtain this information before the final preparation of the manuscript in order to avoid costly and time-consuming revisions. Previously-published dissertations should not be used as a guide for preparation of the manuscript. 

2. Enter any changes in the composition of the reading committee, and completion of all relevant milestones in PeopleSoft Student Administration. Degree Program
3. Sign the signature page of the completed dissertation. All Reading Committee Members
4. Submit the dissertation and other required documents by the published deadline. Some degree programs may set earlier deadlines for submission of dissertations. Student
5. Read the dissertation in its final form and certify on the Certificate of Final Reading that degree program and university specifications as well as the expectations of the reading committee, have been met. Designated Reading Committee Member
6. Verify that the format of the completed dissertation meets university specifications, that the signatures are those of the reading committee members as entered in PeopleSoft by the degree program, that the dissertation title is correctly entered, and that all requirements have been met for degree conferral.  Registrar

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