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4.9.2 Joint Degree Programs: Implementation

Last updated on:
Tuesday, September 6, 2016

1. Creating a New Joint Degree Program

1. Completes Joint Degree Program Proposal Form [downloadable Word file], in consultation with relevant school deans and the Office of the Vice Provost of Graduate Education (VPGE). Faculty of participating departments
2. Reviews and either approves or denies the JDP Proposal. If approved, signs form.  Department chairs and school deans; VPGE
3. For degree combinations that have been preapproved by the Academic Senate, informs all parties that the JDP has been approved and formalized. Registrar
4. For degree combinations that have not been preapproved by the Academic Senate, forwards the JDP proposal to the Committee on Graduate Studies (C-GS). Registrar
5. Reviews and, if approved, forwards to Academic Senate. C-GS
6. Approves or denies the proposal for the JDP. Academic Senate


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2. Application and Admissions to a JDP

1. Applies for degree programs through graduate admissions or the degree authorization process (see GAP 5.1, Changes and Additions of Degree Programs). Student
2.  Admits student, if deemed eligible and desirable. Department
3. Records in PeopleSoft that the student is in a Joint Degree Program. Registrar
4. Completes the Tuition Agreement for Students with Multiple Programs. Student
5. Confirms and enters applicable tuition charges. Registrar


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3. Course Enrollment and Academic Progress

1. Meets with advisors and complete Joint Degree Program Student Checklist. Student
2. Enrolls via Axess and ensures that courses are applied to relevant career if one degree is in a professional school. For all JDPs that do not include the J.D. or the M.B.A., students have one graduate career in PeopleSoft Student Administration under which they may enroll in courses.  Student


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4. Withdrawal from a Joint Degree Program

1. Discusses plans for terminating study in the JDP and participating degree programs with both departments and advisor.  Considers options, including a leave of absence.     Student
2. Completes Request to Permanently Withdraw from Degree Program, and gathers necessary signatures.   Student
3. Reviews and either approves or denies the request.        Department
4. In the case of international students, reviews the request form.  Advises the student if withdrawing will adversely affect visa status.   Bechtel
5. Mails or delivers the approved form to the Office of the Registrar.   Student
6.   If the termination is approved, cancels the student’s program and authorization to register.     Registrar
7. Confirms and adjusts applicable tuition charges Registrar


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