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5.4.2 Program Discontinuation and Reinstatement: Implementation

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1. Requesting a Voluntary Termination of Degree Program

1. Discuss plans for terminating study in a degree program with the program and advisor. Consider options including a leave of absence.   Student
2. Complete Request to Permanently Withdraw from Degree Program form and gather necessary signatures.  Student
3. Review and either approve or deny the request.     Degree Program
4. In the case of international students, review the request and advise the student of visa implications.  If approved, convey approval by signing the request form.     Bechtel
5. Mail or deliver the approved form to the Student Services Center.  Student
6.  If the termination is approved, cancel the student’s program and authorization to register.   Registrar
7.  Make any necessary arrangements for housing, insurance, etc. Student

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2. Reinstatement of Graduate Student Status in the Original Degree Program

1. Complete and sign an Application for Reinstatement in Graduate Study and gather the required signatures. Student

Submit the application to Degree Progress in the Registrar's Office, along with the following information:

  • Statement of Purpose: Describe activities since leaving Stanford as well as reasons for requesting reinstatement.
  • Transcripts: Work from any educational institution attended since last enrollment at Stanford.
  • Supplementary credentials (if applicable): Degree programs may require supplementary credentials in addition to the application; check with your degree program.
  • If reinstatement is approved, student will be billed the reinstatement fee.
  • Non-U.S. Citizens: Copy of current I-20 or DS-2019, if applicable. 
3.  Consider the applicant’s academic status when last enrolled, activities while away from campus, length of absence, the perceived potential for successful completion of the program, the ability of the degree program to support the applicant both academically and financially, as well as any other relevant factors or considerations. Approve or deny the admission application and notify both the student and Graduate Admissions.   Degree Program
4.  If approved, reinstate the student’s status in PeopleSoft in the original degree program. Registrar
5. File a study list by the deadline date for the first quarter of reenrollment. Student

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3. Reinstatement of Graduate Student Status in a New Degree Program

See the policy and process in GAP 2.1 Admitting Graduate Students to Matriculated Study.

1. Complete all requirements to apply for admission to the desired graduate degree program.  Student
2. Approve or deny the application for admission to the new degree program, as for any other applicant for graduate study.   Degree Program
3. If approved for admission, approve enrollment and matriculate the student in the new degree program.   Registrar

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