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5.5.2 Enrollment Holds: Implementation

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Tuesday, September 6, 2016

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5.5.1 Enrollment Holds: Policy

1. Enrollment Holds

1. Assign appropriate authorities within Authority Manager for Student Systems and Data (PeopleSoft Student Administration). Various offices

To place a negative service indicator ("enrollment hold"), use the Service Indicators panel within “Campus Community,” entering the:

  • student ID
  • service Indicator Code
  • service Indicator Reason
  • a “Start Term” and, if desired, an “End Term”

Note: Enter the term during which the service indicator should become valid for the ID, and enter the term during which it should cease to be valid for the ID. If the active term is 0000, all terms, past, present, and future, are affected. However, if an active term is entered, it affects that term and all future terms. If no End Term value is entered, the service indicator will be in effect until it is released. If you do not want the indicator to be valid during the entire start-to-end term period, specify dates within the term period to use for starting and ending the service indicator. 

All other fields on the Service Indicator panel, including any explanatory comments, are optional. 

Authorized staff
3. Take action to resolve the issue, e.g., pay bills. Student

When it is appropriate to do so, use the Service Indicators panel to remove a negative service indicator.

Note that this action releases the hold on the student’s file, but retains the information about the hold.  Leaving an enrollment hold in place beyond the study list deadline in a quarter will result in a discontinuance of the student’s program, and may require reinstatement for the student to return.  

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