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5.7.2 Conferral of Degrees: Implementation

Last updated on:
Tuesday, September 6, 2016

1. Submitting and Withdrawing the Application to Graduate

1. Completes an Application to Graduate in Axess prior to the published deadline for the quarter in which graduation in intended. The deadlines are published in the Time Schedule. A separate application must be filed for each degree program and for each conferral term. Students must be registered in the term of degree conferral. Student
2. If filing a request after the quarterly deadline, submits a paper request to the Office of the Registrar, along with a Diploma Distribution form and a brief, typed statement indicating why the student missed the application deadline.  Student
3. To withdraw a request for conferral or make changes to the Application to Graduate, submit a Withdrawal of Application to Graduate form. Students who withdraw their graduation applications or fail to meet degree requirements must reapply to graduate in a subsequent term.  Student


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2. Recommending Lists


Near the middle of each quarter, prepares preliminary recommending lists by running the PeopleSoft “Graduation Report” to review the list and check the following:

  1. If a sub-plan (field) is listed, has the student completed the appropriate requirements? 
  2. Are there any students who are expecting to graduate who are not on the list? If so, the department should advise the student to apply to graduate if the application to graduate deadline has not passed. 
  3. Have the students on the list completed all degree requirements? 
  4. Does the student meet the minimum GPA requirement thus far? 
2. Resolves any questions about a student’s program of study and fulfillment of requirements. Department
3. Prepares final Recommending Lists and distributes to departments. Registrar

After the final deadline for filing applications to graduate, but prior to the deadline for submitting theses and dissertations, verifies by running the PeopleSoft “STF Degree Clearance” report to that the student has:

  1. Completed satisfactorily all courses required for the program (no incompletes ”I,” or missing grades);
  2. Met all department minimum grade point average (GPA) requirements;
  3. Completed all department projects or papers;
  4. Completed language requirements, if specified;
  5. Cleared all incompletes and “N” grades;
  6. Completed all other department requirements for the degree;
  7. Filed required forms such as Master’s Program Proposal, Application for Candidacy, and any necessary revisions to these forms;
  8. Completed University requirements such as passing an oral examination and submitting a dissertation. 
5. Approves and signs the Final Recommending List, and deliver to the Office of the Registrar by the quarterly published deadline. This signature means that each student whose name is on the list has satisfactorily completed all requirements for the degree requested, including all required courses with a final satisfactory grade. If the list is blank, the signed list confirms that the department is not expecting any degree candidates for that conferral term.  Department Chair
6.  Keeps a copy of the recommending list for its records. Department

Verifies the following information for degree candidates whose names appear on the final recommending list:

  1. Has the student an active program or valid candidacy for the degree?
  2. Is the student registered the conferral term, or the term immediately preceding?
  3. Has the student met the minimum and unduplicated unit requirements for the degree?
  4. If a candidate for the Engineer or a doctoral degree, has the student submitted the required thesis or dissertation?
  5. If in a coterminal program, has the bachelor’s degree been conferred prior to or simultaneously with the master’s degree?
  6. Has the student any disciplinary holds that prevent or postpone degree conferral?
8. Notifies students who have been denied degree conferral. Registrar
9. Submits an official list to the Senate of the Academic Council when all department recommendations have been processed. Registrar
10.  Notifies the Registrar’s Office of final disposition of the student’s status.  Department
11. Enters degree conferral status into PeopleSoft upon Senate approval. Registrar


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3. Processing a Request to Walkthrough Graduation

1. If necessary eligibility requirements are met, requests departmental approval to walkthrough graduation ceremonies prior to degree conferral. This is NOT an application to graduate nor is it a petition to with draw an application to graduate.  Student
2. Approves or denies the walkthrough request and notifies the student of that decision.  Department


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