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5.9.2 Pregnancy, Childbirth, Adoption, and Lactation: Implementation

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1. Childbirth Accommodation For Pregnant Graduate Students

1. Initiate discussions with their advisor(s) and degree program administrators at least four months prior to the anticipated birth in order to make arrangements for a Childbirth Accommodation.  Student
2. Complete the Childbirth and Parental Accommodation request and provide doctor’s statement.  Student
3. Generate an email notification to the faculty advisor, with a link to the student's online application. Online application
4. Review the request, and discuss plans with the student. Indicate on the online application that this review has taken place. Academic advisor
5. Upon degree program review, generate an email notification to the VPGE Office with a link to the completed application. Online application
6.  Confirm funding arrangements with the degree program, if necessary. VPGE Office
7.  Notify the following offices by email of the terms of the Academic Accommodation Period:
  • the student
  • the student’s degree program and advisor
  • the VPGE Office
  • the Office of the Registrar
  • the Bechtel International Center, in the case of an international student.
Online application
8.  Process supplemental financial support for the student, if any, in GFS. VPGE Office 
9.  If the student wishes to reduce enrollment below full-time, complete the Graduate Petition for Part-time Enrollment in Axess, indicating a childbirth accommodation period, and process as described in GAP 5.2 Part-Time Enrollment. Student


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2. Pregnancy or Parental Leaves of Absence

(See GAP 5.3 Leaves of Absence.)

1. Inform degree program and advisor of circumstances leading to a leave of absence. Discuss alternatives. Student
2. Complete the Childbirth and Parental Accommodation request and indicate desire to take a Pregnancy or Parental Leave of Absence.  Student
3. Generate an email notification to the faculty advisor and to the degree program indicating the student’s intention to request a Pregnancy or Parental Leave of Absence, and explain requirements for approval and candidacy extension, if applicable.   Online application
4. Complete the Leave of Absence Request and gather necessary signatures. Student
5. Review and sign the request. Degree Program
6.  For international students, review and sign the request. Bechtel International Center
7.  For students in programs requiring candidacy, extend the candidacy period (or pre-candidacy period for students not yet admitted to candidacy) by the required amount (one year for pregnancy leaves; one quarter for parental leaves for non-birth parents). Degree Program
8.  Mail or deliver the approved form to the Student Services Center. (Timeliness of delivery relative to the start of the quarter will determine whether any tuition will be required for that quarter.)  Student
9.  Upon receipt of the request, adjust the student’s status in PeopleSoft.  Registrar
10. Make any necessary arrangements for housing, insurance, etc. Student


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3. Lactation Accommodation


Contact the Graduate Life Office (GLO) at or 650-736-7078 (students) or the Office of Postdoctoral Affairs (OPA) Postdoc Benefits at (postdoctoral scholars) as soon as a lactation accommodation is needed. 

Student or Postdoctoral Scholar
2. Receive and review accommodation requirements, identify appropriate space and schedule for the student or postdoctoral scholar, and discuss the accommodation with the student or postdoctoral scholar.  Graduate Life Office or Office of Postdoctoral Affairs
3. Assist GLO or OPA in addressing the accommodation request, including helping to to identify appropriate space to accommodate the student or postdoctoral scholar, in consultation with the building or facilities managers.  Degree Program staff
4. Ensure compliance with this policy. Director of Graduate Studies or Department Chair


Review concerns about lactation accommodation the student or postdoctoral scholar may raise ( SHARE Title IX Office
6.  Maintain list of campus spaces available for pumping and nursing available for students and postdoctoral scholars. Work Life Office

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