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7.3.2 Assistantships: Implementation

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Tuesday, September 6, 2016

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7.3.1 Assistantships: Policy

1. Assistantships

1. Before processing any financial support for a graduate student, aid-year activate the student in GFS. Degree Program
2. Notify the degree program of any external funding to which the student is entitled. Student
3. In the case of an international student to be appointed to any level of teaching assistantship, arrange for the required English language screening by the English for Foreign Students (EFS) staff at least one full quarter in advance of the anticipated teaching appointment. Student 
4. Complete the necessary screening and record the outcome in PeopleSoft.  EFS Office
5. For new externally-sponsored research awards, process the notice of award and establish the appropriate PTAs.  Office of Sponsored Research 
 6.  Create PeopleSoft item types for the appropriate salary and tuition categories.  Degree Program
7.  Determine the appropriate levels of appointment and salary enter these as paylines in GFS. Finalize the associated TAL payment. Degree Program
8.  Approve in Workflow in a timely manner. Home Department and Financial Approvers
9.  Enroll in appropriate units in order to receive financial support, and perform the work associated with the assistantship.  Student
10. Monitor overall levels of funding and academic progress of the student.  Degree Program

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