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2.4.2 Students of New Faculty: Implementation

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1. Appointment Into Nonmatriculated Stanford Status

1. Determine whether the incoming faculty member has doctoral students whom he or she wishes to appoint to nonmatriculated status at Stanford.  Appointing department chair and Faculty Affairs 
2. If the incoming faculty member wishes to bring one or more doctoral students to Stanford for a limited period of time, formalize these arrangements by including information about the student(s) in the incoming faculty member’s appointment papers. Faculty Affairs or designated staff in the appointing department 
3. Complete and sign the Affiliation Agreement for Students of New Faculty at Stanford between Stanford and the student’s home institution, with an Students of New Faculty Addendum including appointment information for each incoming student.  Stanford Degree Program, school dean’s office, VPGE office, plus appropriate offices at home institution
4. Obtain the nonmatriculated biodemographic form and the Students of New Faculty Representations, and forward it to the student for completion.  Stanford Degree Program
5. Complete the biodemographic form and the Student of New Faculty Representations and return to the Stanford degree program. Student

Forward the biodemographic form and a copy of the signed Affiliation Agreement for Students of New Faculty at Stanford and Student of New Faculty Representations to Graduate Admissions in the Office of the Registrar as soon as possible, but no less than 30 days before the first day of classes in the anticipated Stanford academic term. Retain original forms in degree program files.

In the case of international students, forward a copy of the signed Affiliation Agreement for Students of New Faculty at Stanford to the Stanford Bechtel International Center, identifying the student’s visa status at the home institution. 

Stanford Degree Program
7. For international students, confirm the student’s visa status with the home institution and maintain documentation of visa status here.  Bechtel Center
8. Create and activate the nonmatriculated student record in PeopleSoft, and provide the Employee Identification (EMPLID) number with enrollment instructions to the student. Graduate Admissions

Register in the degree program's TGR course before each quarterly deadline, make appropriate academic progress, and bear responsibility for the payment of all Stanford bills.

Note: Non-matriculated registration is a manual process, requiring the student to complete a registration form at the Student Services Center

10. If appropriate, enter any agreed-upon financial support for the student in GFS. See Students of New Faculty in GFS Stanford Degree Program
11. Document academic progress by recording a Pass/No Credit grade for the student for each enrolled quarter.  Faculty Advisor
12. To extend a student in the status of Student of New Faculty into a new academic year, complete and forward to Graduate Admissions a Students of New Faculty: Appointment Extension/Termination form. Note that this form is necessary to extend the appointment of a Student of New Faculty into any new academic year.  Stanford Degree Program

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2. Discontinuing Student Status

1. Advise Stanford degree program of pending graduation from the home institution, or other reason for ending the appointment at Stanford, as soon as possible but no later than the first day of the student’s intended last quarter at Stanford. If the intended last quarter is that originally proposed, or proposed on the most recent extension, do not register after the last quarter. Student
2. If the student is leaving earlier than anticipated, notify Graduate Admissions of the pending termination by completing and forwarding the Students of New Faculty: Appointment Extension/Termination form.  Stanford Degree Program
3. Discontinue the student’s enrollment privileges in PeopleSoft.  Graduate Admissions

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