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5.5.1 Enrollment Holds: Policy

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Tuesday, September 6, 2016


A negative service indicator may be placed on a student’s record in PeopleSoft Student Administration, effectively blocking the student’s ability to register in specified quarters. This document explains when, and by whom, negative service indicators may be placed and removed. 


Stanford University reserves the right to withhold registration from, and to cancel the advance registration or registration of any student, including (but not limited to) students having unmet obligations to the university. In addition to blocking a student’s ability to register, Stanford University also reserves the right to take other actions, such as withholding transcripts and suspending library and other privileges. It is the responsibility of the student to take appropriate action to resolve the problem in order for the hold to be released. 


Negative service indicators, sometimes called "enrollment holds," may be placed by those staff with the authority to do so for reasons including (but not limited to):

  • unmet financial obligations to Stanford University
  • failure to satisfy degree progress requirements
  • unresolved issues related to Judicial Affairs
  • unresolved issues related to the issuance of visas and immigration status. 

Positive service indicators may be placed by appropriate central offices to indicate a special case or exemption. For example, Student Financial Services may use a Positive Service Indicator to indicate when a student has given authorization to speak to parents. Positive Service Indicators are rarely used by Stanford degree programs.



To all Stanford graduate students and programs.

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5.5.2 Enrollment Holds: Implementation

1. Authority

The authority to place service indicators on student’s records is controlled by the appropriate university office, e.g., by the Office of the Registrar, the Student Financial Services Office, the Financial Aid Office, other offices within the Vice Provost for Student Affairs and the Dean’s offices of each of Stanford University’s schools.

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2. Removing Service Indicators

Service indicators are dated to show the academic quarter in which they will take effect. A service indicator can be established to remain in effect until removed, or it may be established to remain in effect for a specified number of quarters. Only the office or degree program that placed the service indicator may remove it.

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3. Service Indicator Records

Information on service indicators is stored in PeopleSoft Student Administration. Removing a service indicator ends the hold on a student’s record, but retains the information for auditing purposes. Individuals with the designated authority may see the service indicator history for any particular student.

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