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4.5.2 Doctoral Degrees, Requirements: Implementation

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Tuesday, September 6, 2016

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4.5.1 Doctoral Degrees, Requirements: Policy

1. Ph.D. Requirements

1. Upon completion of degree program qualifying procedures, complete the Application for Candidacy for a Doctoral Degree, which details the degree requirements to be met by the individual student. The form is submitted it to the degree program for approval. Student
2. Endorse fulfillment of language requirements.  Major Department Chair
3.  Review milestones for completion at the time of degree conferral. Prepare final degree conferral lists for degree program review and concurrence.  Registrar
4.  Review internal degree program requirements before approving the degree conferral list and returning it to the Office of the Registrar. Degree Program


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2. Ph.D. Minor

1 Submit, usually at the time of admission to candidacy, the Application for Ph.D. Minor, outlining the program of study for the minor and whether representation from the minor degree program on the university oral examination committee will be required.  Student
2. Review and either approve or deny the application. Check that the course of study proposed for the minor will indeed meet the minor requirements.  Minor Department Chair
3. Review and either approve or deny the application. Confirm there are no overlaps between units used towards the major and minor requirements.  Major Department Chair
4. Submit the approved Ph.D. minor application to the Student Services Center.  Student
5. Record the minor in the PeopleSoft Student Administration.  Registrar
6. If minor degree program representation on the university oral exam committee is required, ensure such representation when the orals committee is formed. Major Degree Program
7. Review final recommending lists, verifying that the student has met the requirements for the minor. Students who have not met all requirements should be contacted at that time by the degree program to determine whether they wish to graduate without the minor or delay conferral until all requirements have been met. Major & Minor Degree Programs


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