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Updates to the GAP in the last calendar year are listed below. 

For questions about the derivation of any GAP documents or changes made prior to the last calendar year please review the GAP archive or contact the Office of the Vice Provost for Graduate Education (VPGE) at

May 2024

5.1.1 Changes and Additions of Degree Programs: Policy

Related Content: Updated resource links at bottom of page to reflect updates in procedure. 

April 2024

5.4.1 Program Discontinuation and Reinstatement: Policy

Section 2. Reinstatement Policies: Updated to reflect updates in procedure for submitting the application for reinstatement in graduate study.

January 2024

5.6.2 Dismissal for Academic and Professional Reasons: Implementation

Section 1. Dismissal: Updated to reflect updates in procedure.

5.8.2 Exchange Programs: Implementation

Section 3. Procedures for Stanford Students Applying to Study at UC Berkeley or UC San Francisco through the UC Exchange Program: Updated to reflect updates in procedure and provide additional details in steps 5 and 6.

7.3.1 Assistantships

Section 8. Benefits: Updated in compliance with California SB 616 pertaining to paid sick leave. 

November 2023

5.9.2 Pregnancy, Childbirth, Adoption, and Lactation

Section 2. Pregnancy or Parental Leaves of Absence: Updated to reflect updates in procedure and provided additional details in several steps for further clarity.  

October 2023

4.3.1 Engineer Degree

Rationale and Section 3. Thesis: Updated to reflect current names of Student Services guide pages and materials relevant to theses.

7.3.1 Assistantships

Section 2. General Eligibility Requirements: Clarified SSN requirements for students prior to starting an assistantship without an SSN to accurately reflect existing assistantship policies.

June 2023

7.3.1 Assistantships 

Section 2. General Eligibility Requirements: Clarified language-testing requirements for teaching with the TOEFL requirements for applying for graduate school admission.

May 2023

5.8.1 Exchange Programs 

Authority: Updated implementation to clarify university offices responsible for incoming and outgoing exchange program arrangements.