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5.6.2 Dismissal for Academic and Professional Reasons: Implementation

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Tuesday, September 6, 2016

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5.6.1 Dismissal for Academic and Professional Reasons: Policy

    1. Dismissal

    1.  Identify the appropriate degree program committee to consider the student’s academic standing. This may be the program’s committee of the faculty or another committee authorized to act on the program’s behalf, such as the degree program's graduate studies committee.  Degree Program
    2. Where possible and as early as possible, warn the student, in writing, of the situation and deficiency. A detailed explanation of the reason for the warning should be provided.  Committee
    3. Provide a response to the committee, explaining circumstances and identifying any necessary actions to achieve satisfactory progress.  Student
    4. Consider extenuating circumstances communicated by the student. Committee
    5. Decide the question of dismissal by majority vote of the committee (with at least three faculty members participating in the committee’s deliberation), and communicate the decision to the student in writing.  Committee
    6. Place a summary of degree program discussions, votes, and decisions in the student’s file. Degree Program
    7.  Provide students the opportunity to examine their degree program files, if requested, and provide students with information on their rights to appeal under the Student Academic Grievance Procedures Degree Program
    8.  Provide a copy of the notification to the student (see step 5, above) to the Office of the Registrar to document the dismissal.  Degree Program
    9. Process the dismissal, which is notated on the transcript. Registrar


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